Go to Google Classroom and open the assignment, if you cant get to it from there, here is the link. You will need to research 2 artists that use text in their work.
Text that can be used: Song Lyrics, quotes from books/text, single words, phrases. This should NOT BE phrases that are slang, or popular words for the time. Think of what you use as something that should last for years and still be meaningful.
Final Project: For your final project you need to 3 works of art that use text. Decide what message you want to say with your works. Make sure all of the pieces are similar in theme, and/or style. This would create a series of works so they should relate to one another. Please create sketches of your ideas, small sketches all on one page is fine. Also please specific on your sketch paper what medium you would like to use.
Mediums available: Drawing, Painting, Collage, Fiber, Digital, and Printmaking
Due Date: March 8, 2019

Artists Use Text

Artists Use Themes

In this unit you will chose a theme to work within and create a work of art based on that theme. Below is the Slideshow with the information about themes, as well as your requirements for this project.
Due Date: December 7, 2018

Artists Work Figuratively

In this unit you will be learning how to draw a face proportionately, facial features and the body. Your final project will be a portrait or figure in your own style. Use the videos below to help you learn to draw the different facial features: